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hello. hi. hello.

I’ve long had a free newsletter for readers who want to stay informed about new releases, tour and seminar dates, and any other big news, and I’ve also had a blog that I updated intermittently, and I’ve also written nonfiction for various media—I’ve done all this piecemeal, as time and opportunities present.

This year I’m trying something new; I’m going to do a year (at least) of paid newsletter content and see how it spurs my creativity and also see how, perhaps, it might give readers some more of what they’ve been asking me for. I love writing novels, but I also love writing nonfiction and short fiction, and this experiment will help me carve out the time to do that. I love me a good structure. Those of you who have followed me for a very long time know that a few years ago I did a project that required a short story each week, and a few years before that, I did a project that required a painting a day. There’s something intensely gratifying to that kind of order. It’s both challenging and invigorating, like the rush of blood to a stubbed toe.

I’m doing this for more than simply the creativity and structure of it, though. Those who pointed me toward Substack in the first place noted that one of the most rewarding aspects of the platform is that like-minded folks can mingle with each other in the comments sections, a valuable thing in an increasingly turbulent internet landscape. As someone who came of age during the height of speculative fiction communities on places like Livejournal, and who learned much of my art technique from closed forums like WetCanvas, the idea that I might continue to foster that kind of place for readers is really appealing. A bit of time ago I did a Howl’s Moving Castle readalong on a dedicated book club Slack and it was marvelous. We need more spaces like that.

So, starting in March, I’m launching this newsletter here on Substack. Each month will feature an original short story, a writing craft post (this has long been requested by those who already watched my seminar), and a miscellaneous nonfiction piece—sometimes media recommendations, sometimes something truly off the wall. Fiction will always go up first of the month, the writing piece will go up mid-month, and the nonfiction will close us out. A Maggie Stiefvater webzine, really. You can pay by the month or by the year, and it will not hurt my feelings if you unsubscribe at any point.

*there is also a ridiculously expensive version of subscription that is for a limited number of signed, doodled new releases, a thing that I’ve had to stop doing en masse because my hand never forgave me

Of course folks can still sign up for the free newsletter here or on my website:, and that one will continue to plunk into their inboxes once or twice a year as it always has with new release news, pre-order info, tour events, etc.

And of course I’ll still be on social media (although I have cut that back hugely and expect it will continue to be spotty).

I’m prodding at my new short stories to see which one I’m going to give you guys first. And I’ve been dying to have the time to write the writing craft piece for March for ages. It’s going to be fun.



In the meantime, tell your friends!